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  • My motors stall and begin to stutter as well. I figured out it was when I was trying to write from slow to fast pwm so I figured it was the over current protection. I disable the code to test and the jittering went away so I need to alter my acceleration code or adjust the current protection.

    edit: actually the jittering ended up being because I didn't solder the fuses into place so an accurate current measurement wasn't happening. So solder those fuses into place!

  • tape a match to the fuse. I bet this guy could light a match. Did something similar in physics class in high school. Had to make a potato cannon but had to be 10 ft away when fired. Tried a rocket engine igniter but it didn't do the job until we taped a match to one.

  • they do however make usb floppy drives, as I just discovered

  • ah just spent my free day winnings towards this instead of a million smaller things. Figured if I had the platform I could build up on it over time.

  • its just cause taking 2 hours of your time to refresh web pages is really pathetic if you didnt win anything. I think everyone who was logged in should get $10 and then the rest goes to whoever can make it through the questions. At least you get something for trying so hard

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