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  • I thought it was just me. I think Robert needs to nestle some LEDs in his beard to compete with the sign in the background.

  • Whoops - while it may be the first product post of 2015, the title screen says 8/29/14.

  • Normally I don't fault Sparkfun for their pricing. I understand why stuff costs a bit more here and I often pay that premium without any regrets. But that speed controller, identical in every way, can be found for half the price (at worst) elsewhere. I've even seen it as low as $6.00 for single units shipped from the US. I'd love to support Sparkfun, but with that big a gap in price, it'd be a waste.

  • You are in no danger of frying your receiver if you power it up before the transmitter. In fact, there are several brands of transmitters that require you to power up the receiver before the transmitter in order to bind the two to each other.

    The reason we normally power up the transmitter first is so that the receiver doesn't inadvertently pick up rogue signals that make your RC vehicle go bananas. Imagine the surprise, or injuries, a large quadcopter could inflict if it started reacting to signals you weren't sending.

    That said, today's more modern 2.4Ghz receivers aren't likely to ever "go rogue." Still not a bad habit to practice though.

  • This is really too bad. Assuming I pay over $75 on flash sale items in each time slot (which, frankly, isn't likely), there's still just a lot of waste.

    It doesn't seem too difficult to assemble a single box for all orders placed by a single customer made on a single day. You'd save yourself some money, you'd put less waste out into the world, and you'd make it a bit easier for the folks delivering packages during the peak holiday shipping season.

  • No. Watch the video at the 3:10 minute mark.

  • 11:58AM MST - refreshed, saw stock status change, added to cart

    11:59AM MST - confirmed order - blank page. errorless error?

    12:00PM MST - opened new browser window to this page. stock status: all gone

    12:15PM MST - I'm seeing no payments made to Sparkfun, no evidence of an order being placed.

    Sparkfun: I love that you guys do this, but given the supply and demand, you're setting up the majority of those interested for disappointment. My logical brain can accept that my timing wasn't right. My lizard brain wants to avoid Sparkfun because Sparkfun == disappointment.

    Maybe there's a better system? Let people opt in to "Randomly include a 1.5lbs mystery box of parts when I order from Sparkfun", and surprise us? I'm not sure what the system should be, but I am sure about this: the current one really took the wind out of my sails today.

  • I puzzled over this for a bit, but it's clear that "Smeld" should read "Shield".

    My guess is that to someone unfamiliar with alphanumeric characters could have easily mistaken the "hi" in Shield with an "m".

  • I'm holding this encoder in my hand now. It takes very little force to spin the shaft. But it will not continue to spin after I've tried my hardest (a severe "snap of the fingers"). At best it continues rotating for maybe an eighth of a rotation, if even that.

  • I just received these. As I hoped, the connectors are a perfect fit for the popular ultra micro receivers made by Spektrum (found in various ultra micro radio controlled planes). I've tested these on several variations of the AR6400 receivers. These are the 1.0mm connector, not the 1.5mm connector that Spektrum also uses on some of their products.

    Now that I know they fit I'll probably order up a bunch more. Not only are these hard to find, when you do, they're at least triple the price. Fixing the wire order on these takes a few seconds and is probably worth saving a buck.

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