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  • Any word on what frequency response is like? Could it be used to create substrate-borne vibrations for behavior experiments?

  • Can it do Peter Frampton + Dalek?

  • Any word on when this will be available again? I have (had) one... would love to get another.

  • I'm trying to get this part to talk to a 3.3 V 8 MHz Arduino Pro Mini and I have similar problems that have been mentioned on this. Looking with a scope, the Arduino seems not to pull the I2C lines low ever. However if I disconnect everything and turn that pin into an output, it wiggles it high and low just fine. I did what NoWorries suggested with internal pullups and it only causes the program to freeze elsewhere (never gets past the initial I2C writes to configure devices). I also tried other's published codes for the 3 sensors with no luck. I switched Arduino Pro Minis and that doesn't fix it either, and I checked pin-to-pin continuity for the SDA and SCL lines on all parts involved. Any suggestion? While it doesn't fix the problem, I find it odd that changing the internal pullups line in TWI.c changes where the program fails. Is there a problem with Wire library on the 3.3 V minis?

  • What is the correct voltage to supply to this unit? I have heard on other forums (DIYDrones) of people supplying 5-8V. I am supplying 3.3 V through a FTDI right now and I am able to talk to the uBlox module but I get no fixes. The various 5-8V proponents say something about it allows the Sarantel GeoHelix antenna to work?

  • Hi - I am trying to use this board along with a the 9DOF Serial AHRS board. The 9DOF is putting out what I expect over the serial port. When I connect the OpenLog, the blue light blinks and it appears to try to read, but I get mostly glitchy output at 57600. Any suggestions? (sample output below). OpenLog reads the CONFIG file correctly and makes a new file for the data but it's glitchy... (though it looks OK when I read the serial port not through OpenLogger - gives good 9DOF outputs in Arduino Serial Monitor).
    !ANîjÇ.0L r72 r∫4C·!ANG:Krí2,1.78,1.sLC·!AÍÈ-1.05,3.0&˘&)Ój
    !ANG:K& íbìâ.b˛&)Çj
    !ANîjíríÆb~M Vb˛&)éj

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