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  • Most hobbyists have an ATX supply sitting around doing nothing so this kit is a good value. There are plenty of YouTube videos on this subject, but the SFE kit is quicker, safer, and more professional.<br />
    Not spacing the binding posts on the standard footprint is a problem that the manufacturer should correct.<br />
    It is true that most ATX supplies need a load to produce the rated voltage, but I have never heard of any going “poof” without a load, they just go into standby.<br />
    If I get time, I will draw up a dummy load circuit that adjusts for how much power is being used externally. That is: if you are using power, the dummy load will adjust so it is not making extra heat and wasting watts. Considering the whole point is for this thing to be an inexpensive alternative, you can’t get too elaborate with the bells and whistles or you might as well buy a budget lab supply instead. The switch is a great addition, easy, and cheap too.

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