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  • I just created some useful FW mods to this cool little piece of hardware!
    I modded the firmware for mode0 to "autosave" every x seconds. I have it set to 10 seconds. I did this because I am using it for an application that frequently power cycles but I don't have the ability to press the stop button.
    Also I modded it to append new data to a single file rather than generating a new file every time you power cycle it. Basically the USART I am monitoring over several days or weeks generates CSV data and gets power cycled several times a day. I wanted this to all be stored in one giant .csv file so I could quickly open this in excel.
    I'm not sure of a good place to upload this so if you are interested in my raw code or the compiled file (which you can easily use to update your own unit) just shoot me an email. My name is ian. My email is my name

  • Even if it's just power I think they are cool enough that it would be sufficiently entertaining on my office desk. Think like a more complex magnetic bucky ball set ( What if the LED blocks had a muli-select slide switch on the side for setting different flashing patterns?
    If they add communication then it would be more expensive and simply a copy of Cubelets ( or Bug Labs ( which have both been done quite well!

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