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  • Like the yellow/gray one that caused all the trouble this wears a big "CAT III" safety rating.

    Has SparkFun verified this?

    If not why do you sell it? Who do you think will be liable in the (likely) event of injury or death if this meter is used for the purposes it claims to be capable of?

  • You are obviously vision impaired or wilfully dishonest. Dark gray face, yellow surround, taper matching the Fluke case, it is obviously intended to look like a Fluke.

  • Thanks for the link, that looks extremely cool! Since it is BLE I bet you could interface it to more than just smartphones.

  • Actually they claim a very specific dark gray with yellow surround. The fact that the copy meter's case is tapered just like the genuine one is icing on the cake. But don't let the facts get in the way of a good rant!

  • Exactly! Just like every piece of Chinese rubbish has the CE mark and every other certification they can copy, without being at all aware of what it means.

    Just like the counterfeit Apple USB chargers off eBay (see http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wi-b9k-0KfE) I think it might be very instructional for a lot of people to have a qualified engineer open and critique a $15 meter.

  • WAT? Heard of Amazon? Jameco? Free overnight shipping? Hell, I even know a little shop in San Rafael that will sell you a Fluke over the counter if you'd like a nice trip out of the fog.

    You're maybe in the easiest place in the entire universe to get your choice of multimeters quickly and cheaply.

  • So "too similar to be an accident" or "isn't intended to be a counterfeit or knock off", which one? Come on, it's only because SparkFun is a legitimate seller that this shipment wasn't just branded "FUKE" and stuck on eBay to tempt the unwary.

    Get a clue over "trademark on yellow" also. If you read the claim it is for the dark gray meter with yellow surround. Nobody owns yellow and you can buy yellow meters from many manufacturers and rightly so, but Fluke is gray/yellow. If you think this is unusual or unfair just try importing jewellery in Tiffany blue boxes or starting a delivery company with a fleet of big brown trucks.

  • If those companies tried or try in future to import the same Chinese knockoffs I hope they receive the same treatment. But it isn't being screwed by Fluke. It's falling foul of the law of the USA, a law protecting an American company that has made electronic equipment since 1948, the company that made the first gray/yellow multimeter (70 series). Decades of producing great meters mean that professional engineers see gray/yellow and think Fluke, simple as that. If anyone's getting screwed it's by a Chinese copycat manufacturer who didn't have to make something that looks like a Fluke but did all they could to do exactly that.

    If the product they manufactured was worth anything in its own right, if it wasn't just a basic meter like tens of thousands of others, if the safety certification on the front was worth the ink it is printed with, they wouldn't have to copy someone else's product. But they do. I hope they get stopped at every border they try to cross with their dodgy crap until they stop trying to take a free ride on Fluke's image.

    If anything I'm more likely to buy another Fluke product now especially given their generous response to SparkFun. Not that my 115 has ever skipped a beat or ever seems likely to.

  • "CAT III", look it up. It is right there on the front of the meter. Being deliberately obtuse in this silly argument may not cost you much but when you do it with safety at stake it may cost your life.

  • A very foolish comment. Anyone who knows multimeters and sees melted gray and yellow will of course think Fluke. Anyone who doesn't know what a multimeter is is not going to be buying one anyway so it doesn't matter what they think.

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