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  • The description does NOTHING to describe what the product actually does or how it works, as demonstrated by the other confused comments here. The most important part of this product is the amazing combination of software available, including the Fadecandy Server software, which runs on multiple OS's and can communicate with one or many Fadecandy boards. It's also compatible with the Open Pixel Control protocol, which provides endless possibilities.

    Sorry, but this feels like a really lazy attempt at adding a new product by someone who really doesn't care. You went to the effort of properly describing the product in your new product video, but that's not linked on this page, nor have you provided links or information to all the relevant software. Very disappointing effort on your behalf.

  • Sparkfun, you have completely the wrong description for this product. Whomever wrote it seems to have completely missed the point. I suggest you read the adafruit page for the correct information. https://www.adafruit.com/products/1689

  • Atmel's own evaluation board based on the much better ATmega256RFR2 is only $39, available directly from Atmel. It also includes both a ceramic antenna and an SMA connector for an external antenna, as well as an onboard USB connector with embedded debugger allowing for much easier development work in Ateml Studio, and onboard reset and programming buttons.

  • Since you were designing a new board anyway, is there any particular reason why you're using this very old chip, rather than some of the newer, slightly more useful models, such as the ATmega128RFR2 or 256RFR2? They're drop in replacements that would allow for a much more flexible board in terms of potential uses.

  • There is an incredibly large range of options available for micro USB connectors, and the Sparkfun's choice in this case is well known for being the weakest and highly prone to failure.

    As this is a hobby product that is definitely going to get a lot more use and abuse than your average consumer product, I would expect a company like Sparkfun to make a more suitable choice. It's just not rocket science.

    A very simple and easy step forward towards a more robust product is to use a connector which is exactly the same as the one you're using except with shell through hole mounts. The cost of the connector is virtually identical. Obviously it adds a through hole step to your production process, but if that adds an extra dollar or two to the product cost then so be it. I certainly won't complain.

  • Wowza! Over 500 units in less than a week! That's some serious selling right there!

    Any idea when the next batch will be available?

  • Looks like a great product! I would like to use this with an Arduino. Is there a schematic available?

    The web links provided contain virtually no specific information, but digging through the general information on the Gadgeteer site, it seems that this uses a "Type Y" socket, which seems to be general GPIO. So I'm assuming it uses some sort of shift register arrangement?

    Any extra info would be great.

  • Well call me crazy, but my suggestion would be to deal your thousands of unread emails before worrying about creating wearable electronics ;)

  • Are the schematics available?
    From the images it looks like there are three only three conductors in the connector, yet there are several boards daisy chained together. How does this work?

  • I can't speak for your domestic services, but as a regular Sparkfun customer in Australia I can't speak highly enough of FedEx. I have had the misfortune of having packages sent from other companies in the US with UPS and EVERY time the manage to stuff it up. FedEx manages to get it right every single time, and I can't see how it could be any faster (less than 3 days door-to-door).
    The best part is Sparkfun's FedEx pricing. AMAZING!! About 2-3 times cheaper than FedEx's standard pricing.
    So do whatever you want with UPS but PLEASE don't mess around with your FedEx system. Thanks :)

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