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  • Ohh interesting - yeah I think having the two processors communicating could have some really interesting applications. Like sticking an arduino on top of a raspberry pi. Anyway, thanks for the info.

  • Great writeup! I need to go through and watch those videos. Is there any info about the Quark coprocessor(or microcontroller, not sure what it's called)? I seem to recall Intel saying they were going enabled it/unlock it at the end of 2014, but I haven't heard anything.

  • Is it possible to convert this board to run 5v? I have a 3.3v board that I'd like to run in a 5v application. Is the difference between the two boards the regulator?

  • Would it be possible to combine this board with something like this: 582-1004-ND to non-intrusively sense appliance current use? I'd like to be able to tell when my washing machine is running.

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