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  • Interesting that no one commented on mtbikerTi's post, which correctly advises that the Free Day email which was sent out states it must be used by March 15, not March 13. Bye bye free day funds!

  • Got two of these for quick BIOS swapping. Of note:
    1. SIZE (See the earlier comments by xxv and Member63167). To re-cap: the pitch for the SOIC lands is the standard 1.27mm, but their complete lead-to-lead width (outside edge pin1 to outside edge pin8) is only 7.45mm. As luck would have it, my chips turned out to be the EIAJ "wide/extended" format, so I had to crush the pins inward with a pair of pliers to have them all connect. I understand that the small size is a feature of this board, but it could be made properly compatible with EIAJ chips with a width increase of 2mm or less. The Wikipedia link xxv posted got eaten by the site, the following one is working: SOIC specs @ Wikipedia
    2. The pads did not seem to want to make a very good connection even though I pre-tinned them (using standard 63/37 solder)
    3. Several of the pads did lift of the PCB during soldering, but none actually broke. Probably not helped by extended heating, due to #1, #2 and the use of a cheap uncontrolled 35W iron.

  • Hot knife sounds good, but we need a better "free" way :)
    The corner of every end pin has chipped off 100% of the time so far using pliers/cutters/etc. Luckily this doesn't seem to affect it much - even with a 1mm gap running the complete height of the plastic, trying to separate the pin will bend it before it pops out.

  • yes this is 2+ years late, but the thicker metal near the centre gives an average reading of 1.77mm with my cheapo digi-caliper.

  • i got in, so obviously you just weren't lucky.

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