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  • Hi All,<br />
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    I have a problem with the sensor, I would really appreciate if you can help me. I read data from the sensor however after some seconds the sensor stops sending data and microcontroller also stops (I guess waits for reasonable signal from the sensor like ACK signal) however since there is a problem in I2C connection microcontroller does waits there forever expecting the required signal. I wonder if any of you can run the sensor without any CLKIN signal because I grounded it. I have also tried different values for CLK_SEL register, but it did not solve the problem. Do you have any suggestions?? By the way I use PIC 16F887 and connect the gyro with PIC using the level converter of SParkfun.

  • Hi All,
    I have just received the board, but I am quite confused. Can anyone please tell me how this board works with PIC 16F887A. I hope I dont need an external eeprom??
    By sending data from TX pin of the PIC can I get the data on my PC using UART module of the PIC?
    Does the pin already connected to the appropriate pin of FTDI??
    Or what other think I would need to do??
    Thanks in advance.

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