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  • Fun, but very annoying to know that I would have gotten $100 if the servers would have let me at it. :P

  • Yes, there are 1024 numbers, however the calculation needs a base of zero. If your minimum ADC value is 1, you can never calculate a voltage of zero.
    ((ADC Value)(System Voltage))/(Max ADC Value) = Voltage on Pin
    Here is the minimum calculable voltage using the current equation:
    3300)/1024 = 3.22265625
    And here it is with a minimum of zero:
    (0*3300)/1023 = 0
    I could be wrong of course so do correct me if I am, but it just seems flawed to me because only 1023 values are ideally non-zero. That said, should I still use 1024 for Free Day? :P