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  • I have an idea - if you have 100 entrants have 50 go each way. The last half of the race could be really interesting...
    Hoping to find my FreeDay package (thank you very much!) at home today. Got a few of the mystery sensors and a Nordic fob. I am hoping for ArduIMUs with tiny scratches; that's what you sent us all, right? ;^>

  • But it is just enough for:
    So that when the user looks at the screen to see what's wrong...

  • and me; this is the roulette table where you can play the rest of your chips on red (you have to spend the whole credit on one purchase). I ordered 3. I am hoping for an "n" degrees of freedom board that only reports "n-1"; a little bird told me that is one of the most common things in "bad" sensors...

  • Should be possible. You can get Wii nunchucks from Asia for under $4 each including shipping (2 are in route to me now), so whatever they use has got to be dirt cheap.

  • Dang! I gotta start reading the comments more completely before buying. I have an xBee Pro 900 with RP-SMA, which is used to protrude through the case for mounting. So it doesn't fit right and doesn't work anyway. I am starting to wonder why SFE sells the 900 Pro model xBee. The regulated Explorer requires user modification (shorting across a diode) to work and the Fio doesn't work with it at all. So far, the USB Explorer is the only SFE product I have purchased that works with the 900 Pro.

  • Either I am missing it, or one of the top questions isn't answered - how far apart will it reliably communicate? I understand there are factors and caveats; inside a shielded warehouse with line of site is going to do much better than outside with buildings and trees in the way. Most of the applications suggested seem to imply the range is fairly short.

  • I think I voided my warranty, though it wouldn't surprise me to hear SFE pledge to still support it (I think they like you to do stuff like this :) )...
    I soldered a 4 wire ribbon cable directly to the back and then laid it face down on a piece of wax paper. I covered the back with a few pieces of fiberglass tape slathered in epoxy. Let it dry, flipped it over and filled the cavities and covered the screen with epoxy. It will have a piece of UV resistant Lexan between it and sunlight. Anyway, it still works fine even when totally submerged in water.
    Previous caveats by others still apply - if you throw more than lightweight graphics at it, it may have issues. It can reset to 115k pretty easily (in my startup code, I set it back to 115k every time and then set my baud rate). But for a simple text screen that can handle a few dials or other simple graphics, it is hard to beat at this price. Knowing it can be "ruggedized" makes it an even better deal.

  • Concerning the baud rate - why default to such a high speed when the device writes so slowly? The screen write speed is fine for my purposes, but the default baud rate that is easily reset is an issue. I have mine sharing a serial port with a GPS. It would really be nice if I could disable the reset to 115k. The unit is a lot more dependable at 4800 anyway.

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