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  • I’ve noticed that the SparkFun website has a lot of video content show in what appears to be work stations. Some of these videos seem to be shot with multiple video cameras running simultaneously, an either switched on the fly or edited later. Is this Lab set up for that kind of video recording, and if so, how do you mount cameras and what kind of software do you use for capture? Is there anything else on this topic already in the blog that I haven’t found?

  • You’re absolutely right, but I’ve found working on some projects that you can’t always get all the parts you want from one place, and have to pay extra shipping charges to order parts from multiple places. Sometimes I would be willing to pay extra for one part because I’m already ordering other parts from the same place. For example, I wanted to order an XBee direct from Digi, but the cheapest shipping price they had was over $50, so I paid a little more to get it from a re-seller that I was already getting other parts from.

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