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  • What is the logic level? is it 3v or 5v? Does it change depending on the supply voltage?

  • … can I get a couple of you to hold the solder?

  • … now class the “Shoulder Iron” will ensure maximum coverage.

  • Tom, Not sure about the first part of your question but as for the plan question, the $10 data package that you have will work. I am testing with the exact same scenario. I tried to connect to the web on a dumb phone with my sim card in it with a $0 balance, (no money available for data) and it didn’t work. I added $10 to my account, tried it again, and then it worked. Proof that the sim is allowed to access the network for GPRS.

    Now I am working out a few issues with the format of my HTTP request to post data to the web. When I get those issues worked out hopefully I will be able to report successfully communicating to the web from the module. Im using a netduino with this board.

    I will see what values I get for those commands and post them.

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