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  • Hi,

    opening the Eagle files available for OpenScale I see that probably they are related to a previous revision of the schematic/pcb because the combinor for individual load sensors is not present.

    Is there any chance to have the Eagle files updated to the current release of the PCB?

    Thank you for your answer.


  • OK, some experiments just done with this circuit and I concluded that definitely it does not do what the features section promise:
    - first of all the maximum voltage of 41 V is not usable at all due to the internal overvoltage limit of the driver IC (as already said by Member48425 in his/her comment). As specified in its data-sheet, the VNH2SP30 IC is for automotive applications for which the nominal working voltage is 13.8 V or so. The 41 V limit is an "absolute maximum rating" specification for VCC, that is the maximum sustainable supply voltage by the internal H-bridge. In my experiments the drivers gone in protection mode disabling the output when VCC rose over about 16 V and the only way to recover a normal operating condition was to switch OFF and then ON again the power.
    - The current limit resistors for all LEDs are valid only for VCC of about 5 V! When I first saw the schematic diagram I though the values were wrong, but when I supplied the circuit a 24 V... they burnt in a few seconds, so I was forced to desolder them.
    Definitely this shield was not a valid choice; I think I could find some more valid product for my needs!

  • I bought one Monster Moto Shield and one ArduMoto Shield from a Sparkfun distributor and... I discovered that the stackable connectors and the screw terminal blocks are not included in the kit.
    OK... one can say that they are not present also in the published pics, but why don't put a note in clear evidence (or in more evidence in case it is already there and I was not able to see it) on the description of the units?
    Now I have two circuit which I cannot use until I receive the missing connectors that I ordered with additional shipping expenses... this is time consuming and truly frustrating!

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