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  • The sensor itself probably doesn't use serial. It is either a phase shift sensor ( in which case it may be an analog output ) or a time of flight sensor ( where it would just be an on/off signal )

  • Call me old fashioned, but i prefer my analog scope.
    Still, this looks like an awesome piece of equipment.

  • That is not worthy of code formatting.

  • What, like a sound recognition device combined with noise canceling headphones?
    That's genius!

  • I usually get 5 successive beeps, but the situation sounds the same. as far as i can tell, it has not effected performance.

  • The best soldering iron i have ever used. It heats up very quickly, maintains it's temperature, and the tip is very durable. The only thing i could think of that is bad about this station is that the provided holder does not match the iron very well. the tip touches the heat shield, causing it too cool down, unless you put a lot of pressure on it, with can cause damage. But other than that, simply amazing.

  • You should use a buck converter (or a bunch of lm7805's) to lower the voltage.

  • We use smart boards in my school. The teachers usually have a hard time figuring it out. :D

  • Well, if you are going to run 30 amps at 60 volts, You better be switching that thing HARD! I t only has power dissipation of 96W, which, admittedly, isn't bad, but give that gate loads of current. Also keep in mind the turn-on and turn-off delays. If you need to pump that much power I recommend using an irfp250 or irfp260. It is still feasible though. Good Luck!