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  • It's little bit tedious to learn a whole new programming
    language just to use a new (and very nice) display in some new project, although 4DGL seems to be easy. Well, no pain no gain, obviously.

  • I ordered this board again and have the same problems so
    obviously this board have some problems!

  • I have problem with this board. Configuration tool can't find my board. I also noticed that Wiznet WS100 chip is getting pretty hot!I connected my board with PC with crossover cable. I also tried direct cable. Nothing happens. I also try 3.0.2 and 2.0.1 Configuration tool but without any success.
    Thanks for any help.

  • When it will be available?

  • what is trimmer used for?

  • Thanks Mr. Reese and please let us know if Microchip respond to ticket you opened.

  • Yap, on '64GP502 device all pins have open drain feature.
    Errata in datasheets - OK, but these seems to me like a too
    big mistake for FRM document.

  • Well, according to datasheets, port structure is not the same on these two PICs. 24HJ32GP202 has open drain feature on all PORTA pins (pins 0 to 4) and on all PORTB pins, while 24HJ64GP502 has OD feature only on PORTB pins 5-11 (which are 5V tolerant and not an AD channels) and neither of PORTA pins.
    I also looked in errata, but nothing about this...
    Installed the newest version of C compiler but .h file is still the same...
    Of course, RB15 has OD feature. I'll do experiments with other pins these days...
    I also posted a question on microchip forum but still no answer...

  • 24h FRM, section 10 I/O ports, page 10-4:
    "The open-drain I/O feature is not
    supported on pins that have analog functionality multiplexed on the pin"
    Pin RB15 is analog channel AN9.
    Also in PIC24HJ64GPx02/x04 datasheet (DS70293C)on page 43, table 4-29 only pins 5 to 11 have open drain feature

  • Open drain feature on pin RB15 is not supported on PIC24HJ64GP502. So this pin is maybe not good choice for power/heartbeat combination LED.

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