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  • These are similar to the Philmore imported Ham and CB mic connectors. Philmore datek is pretty much inactive http://www.philmore-datak.com/

    http://www.philmore-datak.com/mc/Page%2054.pdf These sparkfunk are a bit different


    Note https://www.calcentron.com/Pages/philmore/philmore_multi-pin_mobile_connectors.php

    "Hard to find"

    ... from a bygone era.

    "10-4 good buddy..."

  • You should look at the AD parts: http://www.analog.com/en/mems-sensors/mems-inertial-measurement-units/products/index.html#iSensor_MEMS_Inertial_Measurement_Units

    Decent in-run bias specs... expensive tho.

    Great write up comparing more traditional discrete FOG-based and MEMS: http://www.insidegnss.com/node/3123

    PDF - http://www.insidegnss.com/auto/julyaug12-Goodall.pdf

    Stability is a big deal with these lower cost units - we added a small Peltier to get the invenSense a bit better - pain to do tho and still not so great.

    Another great article on IMU's here: http://www.memsjournal.com/2010/12/high-performance-mems-gyroscopes-current-status-and-emerging-trends.html

    Note where he mentions RLG and FOG's are about 1,000 better than these MEMs units.

  • Both the InvenSense and ST part have some issues...

    Check out http://www.openshoe.org/ Those AD parts are great - expensive tho:


  • Interesting - I had to replace the series resistors with 0 ohm on the TX/RX to get 115200 ... R1 and R3.

    Worked great on the UNO smd and Rev 2 I have...

  • Here's a link to the Allegro dev kit for 20A:
    note that's 4oz copper on top/bot with via stitching... see page 7 of the above link
    ... most quick turn PCB's houses don't do that heavy a copper... and if they did it would be $$$
    Link to the store $20.00:

    Not sure if its in stock tho...


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