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  • Nice job Blake, way to represent Nebraska. Go Huskers!

  • Hey Nate,

    Whatever happened to this contest?? Did you declare a winner? I think that this deserves a new blog post with an update.

  • I did a similar project myself. I used a cheap usb num pad and replaced the guts of it with a 4 port usb hub, and a pro micro. when the num lock is on then it functions just as you would expect, but when the num lock is off, then it turns into a short cut keys that run any combination of multiple key presses. And because I used a usb hub, I also soldered in a small usb micro sd card reader and I keep the firmware on a 16gb sd card so that I can change it and download it to the pro micro any time I want to.

    One thing that I did struggle to do was to create custom images to put on the key caps that would both fit and also not fade/degrade over time. How did you create and attache the images to the key caps.

  • Yeah that'd be cool... scope-drift is the killer of my projects too. But that would be a lot more batteries to maintain.

  • It would be something real simple like:

    if(high temp < 40┬░) then Coat;
    else if(chance of percip > 50%) then Rain Jacket;
    else if(high temp < 55┬░) then 
        if(wind speed > 20) then Coat;
        else Jacket;
    else T-Shirt;

    Depending on screen resolution/real-estate, it would be neat to also display the forecast's High temp, Chance of Precipitation, and wind speed.

  • One weather related project that I have been contemplating for a while, is to make a small device that will tell me to what my outer layer should be for the day (coat, jacket, rain coat, short sleeves). Currently, almost every morning, I stand by my coat closet and have to pull out my phone, unlock it, navigate to my weather app, and wait for it to refresh its data. Which takes way to much time just to figure out which coat/jacket I should wear for the day. I was thinking about just using a button or a PIR mortion sensor to trigger it to update, and then use an LCD or a hand full of LEDs to indicate what I should wear. I would want to just use an ESP8266 to keep the cost down and so that I can put it to sleep most of the time to conserve batteries.

    I think this project would fit in nicely with your growing collection of weather related IoT projects, and could be a good candidate for a video or blog post ;) wink, wink.

  • You can see in his eyes that he was determined to win, despite having been eaten by a shark. #SharkBait

  • First documented shark attack in Colorado!

  • Left Shark for the Win!! He simply devoured the competition.

  • Check it: github with algorithm code.

    Please let me know what you think. I would be interested to see how my Mystery numbers line up.

    *disclaimer - did all of my calculations in a spreadsheet to get the above values. I then wrote the arduino code to execute my spreadsheet calculations in real time. The code does compile, but I have not downloaded it, due to the lack of a free arduino and accelerometer it the time.

    *disclaimer┬▓ - I am not the best at making efficient code, but it always works... sometimes.

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