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  • In case anyone is wondering, this won’t do (slave) SPI out of the box. The bundled 2.2.x “S2W” firmware enables only the UART, although you can get it to go at the advertised 921600 bauds, along with hardware handshaking. Still pretty decent, if you have a spare UART on your uC.

    One interesting tidbit of info for potential buyers though: read the changelog for all the documents. Most docs relate to the 2.3.x series firmware, and some to the 2.5.x (see Laird Tech’s WLM100 / WLM101 cough). Most of the errors with AT commands reported in earlier comments here can be traced to this mismatch in onboard firmware revision and documentation.

    And there’s no way around it: if you want an updated firmware, even in binary form, you have to sign the NDA. Gainspan Support did hint not-so-subtly that I should have bought the EVK outright, but get this: it comes with various flavours of binaries all based on the 2.2.x firmware. Bam: NDA required again.

    Bottom line: this is still a nice little module which gives you a UART at one end and WiFi at the other. Lots of network APIs too. If you want updated firmware: buy the EDK and sign the NDA. If you want to enable those I2C, SPI, PWM ports: you’ll need the SDK.

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