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  • “It sounds like a children’s toy.” And that is exactly the point to keep it out of small children’s hands. Choking hazard for any parts that are non-conformingly detached. General shop rule: If you can pass it through a toilet-paper tube, it is a child choking hazard.

  • You are the ubergeek love god. Congrats.

  • Be careful, a couple of capacitors gets you a nifty taser dress.

  • Ryan, Ryan, you are a lightning rod but anyone as a designer or maker of things can really appreciate your point of view. Thanks, if we did not have detractors or naysayers, there would be no innovation or evolution of things. There is the old school of thought like IBM, put it in a beige or grey box and call it a day. Others say, what about more efficient cooling or ergonomic design. How did high end Apple products start out? Yeah, dumbed down ideas. I’m a regular guy with no access to high tech development labs or facilites. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to make a survival suit that self-inflates, has a transponder and relays pertinent data. Best I could come up with is a blinky jacket that kids would love to wear to be seen at night.

  • Ryan, it seems you may have a chip on your shoulder. I think you have a restricted view of what you consider the real electronics hobby. It is something to do, to experiment, figure out what works, hopefully have fun, possibly profit from it, use it as a thinking exercise with a goal or no point at all. Doesn’t everyone start the hobby by putting two wires together? Add a battery, add an LED, a resistor, and so on… Hey, how about I mount the circuit to be wearable, it would be cool to see if I can imitate the actions of a blowfish or an electric eel, what if I can see my heart is beating, I don’t think you can see what being creative and innovative is. By the way, GPS, communications, biofeedback wearable gear are fully realized ideas used from spacesuits to combat uniforms. Does that take away from the real electronics hobby? Technology is accessible to all, or it should be. It appears in all forms, flashy to mundane or utilitarian. You can like it or not. It made you think.

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