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  • ordered two of these. neither came with a working bootloader. i tried several combinations of the add on files and arduino versions. (older addon with 1.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.3) (newer version with 1.0,1.0.1, 1.0.3) nothing worked.

    used the avr pocket programmer to dump the flash, does not look like any boot loader i know of. compared it to the hex file for caterina and diskloader as well as the adafruit bootloaders.

    used the pocket programmer to reburn the bootloader, code went in fine but the efuse bit’s upper nibble was stuck at ‘c’ and should have been hardcoded to ‘f’. no ill effects have been noted thus far. the other pro micro’s efuse seems fine. i have not reflashed the second pro micro because i want to know WHAT went wrong with this device. sparkfun, im looking at you, willing to provide you with whatever you need to diagnose this so it doesn’t happen to others.

    overall, im happy with the purchase, but i already had a avr pocket prog, without it i purchased $50 worth of bricks.

  • which of the arm programmers you carry can program/debug this? i know there is a serial bootloader, im looking for a way to debug

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