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  • Hey thanks for all the comments everybody!
    Good news is the kickstarter closed just ahead of our goal! Yes, @Janus, it’s definitely golden for coolness/brassiness, we just thought it would look a little more special that way. Eventually we’ll be designing our own PCB boards but for now we thought the simple spray paint job looked pretty sweet. Panic at the Nexus will have to wait for the real musicians, who I'l; be starting rehearsal with in about a week, as it’s WAY above my clearly low skill as an actual musician ;) @G1, played around with the Musical Instrument Shield, love it and have used it in a couple of generative music projects but really wanted to make this as inexpensive as possible so kids/educators could easily reproduce it (my biggest passion, even more so than music, is getting these tools in the hands of middle and high schoolers since I sure wish someone had introduced me to all of this when I was a kid instead of when I was 30). I also was not too thrilled with the onboard MIDI samples, and wanted these tools to be able to be used with a variety of audio editing software (hence the use of the uno - it let’s us make the device a stand alone usb device without having to use software on the computer) as well as be adapted for controlling video or any other use that artists wanted to put them to. Finally, for the wire haters out there - don’t worry! A bluetooth version is on the way (hopefully with ipad garageband capabilities to come)… keep checking the site as we’re going completely open-source with this, so I’ll make sure to get every scrap of code and diagram we’ve ever made up there as soon as I get a sec between web design gigs.

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