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  • Has anyone noticed these boards are not rework friendly?

    I am building up a CNC and thru much handling to fine tune locations I occasionally break a wire near the board (powered down thankfully). As such I grab my handy solder sucker and soldering iron to clean the holes up and reattach.

    on the two boards I have had to rework wires for I have lost the bottom and eventually the top rings from the motor connections on every location reworked.

    I would consider myself very profficient at soldering and rework as prior to this I can't remember the last time I lifted a pad or via ring and I build and rework boards on a near daily basis.

  • Being an ITAR facility we spare no expense in ensuring all staff udderstand who is to be watched closely.

  • Boss said if I uddereded another word I would regret it

  • I bought one of these modules to add vision to a robot I am working on and the output can't drive the ADC (ATMEGA uC) input. When I measure with a DMM (10MOhm) output is as expected, but trying multiple ADC inputs, the reading is about 60% and won't move.
    Good sensor, but recommend adding an analog buffer in series with the output just in case.

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