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  • "accuracy of ±1.5°C (worst-case)" - if you happen to get a board built with chips affected by: , you are looking at several degrees of error, especially at sub 0.00C temps.

    lesson learned.

  • So we are getting Rasins, Bread, and a Blurry Dude.

  • When will this be back in stock?

  • I just got this to build a super awesome project with 4 students from my high school. Hopefully this will inspire them to pursue STEM careers. 15 years later I've gotten the chance to give back!

  • If there is a requirement for RTCC, Ive been running software RTCC's valid till 2099 for years now, both using the main system crystal and a separate 32.768 crystal timer module. This is not an obstacle... at all.

  • rephrase: Where can I see the information necessary to make my own interface on the micro controller side. There is no "unified" compiler/environment for PICs so, coding our own Micro code would be much simpler. You would think using Microchip Compilers would be the solution but frankly, the tool chain sucks.

    According to Blynk's community, they seem to believe PICs are few and far between. I don't expect Blynk code for PICs any time soon.

    Quote: "while it is used for production, PIC is currently not very widespread among makers".

  • Hi Pavel, I've read about the app, seen the screen shots and it looks awesome.

    I however belong to the PIC crowd, and I was wondering where can I get the information required to code, for PIC, an interface to the App.

    Is there API information available? ... or enough info for me to develop my own microcontroller code (for sharing obviously).

  • What is the pinout for this? there are several versions out there with different pinouts. some of them have the mid 4 pins (2 top+2 bottom) as "NC"... at least on the links provided.

  • "Sweetheart, I once performed an emergency C-Section on a pregnant Gorn... Octoplets, Let me tell you those little bastards Bite! ... I think I can work some magic on your Arduino"

  • Man I love the awkward guy at 4:00 walking into the shot, panicking, and leaving the shot.

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