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  • Hi, I wonder if you could help me with something? At the stage where we assign PCB footprints to symbols; I have downloaded and added the sparkfun symbol libraries and footprint libraries and edited the footprint library nicknames so they match. I can now assign footprints and when I click "view selected footprint" it successfully finds the SparkFun-Capacitors:0603 footprint. This also works for aesthetics, hardware, resistors etc.

    However...trying to view any SparkX part and the SparkFun_Sensors:ZOPT220x footprint, an error dialog pops up saying fp-lib-table files contain no library with nickname "SparkX"/"SparkFun_Sensors". When I generate the netlist and import it in Pcbnew, the parts are there but I can't see where the footprints are being pulled in from.

    Any advice?

  • I think it would be a good idea, your Eagle tutorial was great and the SparkFun libraries saved me time, which is why when I wanted some ESP32 dev boards I chose SparkFun as I'm a fan of the company and trust your work :) so I will try and remain constructive! Also I think the KiCAD guide so far is very good and I like Nate's tone of writing.

    I don't think people missed the banner, I think we just expected the guide would still be close enough to be relevant. Yes maybe the wording could be changed to explain this is a breaking change or direct people to this comments section for v5 help.

    The parts I had difficulty with were linking the sparkfun library, getting the schematic symbols to update and viewing the selected footprint when adding a footprint using CvPcb (this causes a crash for me every time).

  • I really don't like this derisive tone, making out that readers are too careless or stupid to understand your call out banner.

    The guide is out of date and people are having difficulty following it, don't just reject the fact and mock those people...

  • I just spent about 2 hours trying to debug the issue and googling for answers, watching videos etc. Came here to report the issue and find it's already known about!

    If only they put a note in the tutorial for new people, unfamiliar with the program, to come check this comment.

    Going to give it another go now.

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