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  • It appears the library needs to be overhauled. The product is advertised as 1M bitrate capable (which I need), but the super old library is only defined up to 500K bitrates. I am no genius at this quite yet as I am new to the whole Arduino thing in the first place. Needless to say, it is a little disappointing speed bump for me. I'll have to figure this out later once I get everything else to work, more about this below.

    I can't get the example sketches in the library to compile. I am not sure if it is because of my library or my Redboard Artemis (newer development board, I hope my pin mapping is OK). I am getting a compile error that it can't find "util/delay.h". If someone can point me in the right direction regarding this, it would be much appreciated.

    There's a library for the Seeed CAN shield, but I am unsure if this would work. It does have a library that supports 1M bitrates. I am not so code savvy, so I am unsure if it will work directly with the Sparkfun shield version. I tried digging into the other library to see if maybe I can snip some code out of it and graft it into the Sparkfun library, but the author defined stuff in jibberish making it hard to interpret for a novice. In theory, the Seeed library should work, but I am more than willing to bet the pin mapping is all over the place which is way over my head right now. It seems the easiest thing would be for a more capable person to update the Sparkfun library to support 1M bitrates, and dabbling with other vendor libraries can be avoided all together.

    All I am trying to achieve is to read the streaming CAN data from my race car's Haltech ECU (@1M rates) to pass it on to a separate Artemis board running a 4D Systems dash screen to operate a gauge interface. It seems like it won't be as easy as I thought it would be LOL.

  • With the built-in LIPO battery charging, it doesn't state if it has a safety low voltage cut off. I know it can charge to full and stop charging, but will the board cut off if the LIPO gets too low to prevent battery damage. I plan on using these in a very hard to reach location, and battery management is a high priority on the list. The last thing I need is a lithium battery fire.

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