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  • Product DEV-11520 | about a year ago

    Thanks Logan, this saved me a lot of head scratching time. :-)

  • Product DEV-11520 | about a year ago

    Yeah, I don’t think 2&3 are software change interrupt pins on the fiov3. I’m using D9 for rx from a GPS and it’s working for me at 4800 baud.

  • Product DEV-11520 | about a year ago

    I’m using fio v3’s and xbee series 1. I’ve got many of them scattered around transmitting environmental data and gps. I’m listening to the xbee comms with an xbee and xbee explorer connected to a beaglebone and one on my Mac. I have no problems with comms other than when I use xbee and USB comms at the same time. For example if I write to Serial1 while plugged into USB on my Mac I can actually reliably crash my Mac. Yup, serial driver panics and takes out the kernel. I don’t transmit the other way yet though.

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