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  • Thanks for the insight. I've noticed all the dogs at SparkFun on visits before but never realized the evolution behind that part of SparkFun culture. Hopefully other workplaces can benefit from your experiences.

    PS: In the current version of the Dog Policy, there is an (apparent) typo: Under the heading for the "Running up to greet someone who has just walked into a common space" rule:

    "Second offense: Dog must be leased at all times for one week." I really doubt SparkFun is interested in tenancy of dogs. Also, given it is at all times for one week it might be considered a violation of privacy (that my companion is leased while I'm not even at work!).

  • So sad I couldn't be there this year. Will be interesting to do the 'remote viewing' experience at least.

  • What if I want to make a dual (ground and air) entry? We had talked after last year's (totally awesome!) AVC about two vehicles, one on the ground and a follower in the air. I've got some of the components working on the bench, but haven't tested any of it yet. If that would be allowed it, I could start field testing next month...

  • Maybe for next year's free day, the SparkFun IT team could post server stats on a different web site (for those of us at work who can't get to IRC). I can definately tell that the site is under load, but I am able to get in, so congrats!
    Best of luck to all who enter here :).
    - Adam

  • When does the clock start for your lap time? For the UAV (air class) in particular, I'm thinking when it crosses the start/finish line (like a lap in a car race) but I didn't want to design around that without checking first.
    Also, is there any height restriction on the course for a vehicle in the air, as long as it is outside the four walls of the SparkFun building?

  • Head's up when using this with the XBee 900MHz Pro modules: The diode in front of Din appears to cause too much voltage drop.
    I can't explain exactly why, but when using this board as shipped, I would received only null (0x00) for every byte transmitted and I couldn't access the module at all with XCTU (the digi configuration software). I know the setup was good because both worked just fine with 2.4GHz (series 2.5) modules. After someone else suggested shorting out the diode, I soldered it up and now everything appears to be working fine.