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  • Cool! Thanks for the update. I received my board but an Easter production has kept me away from it. Hoping to play with it over the next few weeks.

  • The two connectors on the SparkFun board are directly connected to each other so it doesn't really matter which you use for input or output.

    Do you have another DMX controller that you can use to test the fixture?

    It is also possible that there is an address on the fixture that can't be above 00 or it will put it in a different mode, etc...or an address that has to be at a specific value? A link to the datasheet/manual for the fixture would be helpful.

    Lastly, eliminate as many connections as possible. Connect a single cable to a single fixture. Try terminating that fixture's output with a 120 ohm resistor.

  • Thanks! I'm excited about this product. Price/features and from a reputable source...should be a winner!

  • "Typically, the female XLR connector on the slave is the input while the male is the output."

    Incorrect. DMX outputs use a female connector and inputs on a male. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMX512#Connectors

  • I think Bob is just talking about a comparison of USB/UART adapters. After all, you do have this and 7 other s not counting 11736 that this product is replacing...and these are just the ones I could quickly find: 9716, 9873, 10275, 12731, 12935, 13746, 11814.

  • Kudos to you guys for making this decision/investment. As an IT manager, I cringe any time I see someone that has been trained (by usually well-meaning folks) to ignore security warnings when they usually don't have the skill to tell if there is really a problem or not. Self-signed SSL certs are just as bad a problem as unsigned drivers.

  • I was thinking the same thing. I bet it is just an error in the text. In the photos, the USB connector shell is labeled "FTDI 3.3V"

  • The Arduino Uno uses the same micro for USB and it's description says this:
    "...no drivers needed for Linux or Mac (inf file for Windows is needed)..."
    I can't see why this would be any different.

  • The schematic link is actually linked to the datasheet.

  • This module is a transceiver and will support two way communication with another identical model (or any other series 1 model). The XBee Explorer USB page has a chart that breaks down the various models.

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