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  • For me its always been Windows. I am IT/DBA and mainly use Windows, plus as a kid I learned on Windows after the DOS/Deskmate days. Its like Nate said "It’s like a warm blanket you had growing up as a kid – so hard to give away." But that said, I always keep a Linux VM around and completed the LFS build. I have lived on VM's since college, something everyone should play with. At work I use a OSX laptop just so I can keep my skills up to snuff for all operating systems. But I find OSX too frustrating to use. So I rather use Windows/Linux. It's amazing to see how much more support there is for Linux these days compared to just a few years ago. All my dev work though is on Windows between Arduino IDE and Embitz(Win Only), Notepad++(Win only) and Eagle. You can easily use w/e OS you want and just run a VM for the apps that can't run in that OS. These days what OS you are running is becoming less of thing. Working in education the next generation of students can just jump on any computer and get done what they need. We are a mixed Win/OSX/ChromeOS district so students get exposed to most OS's.

  • What about the HM-11 or HM-10. I am using them in a project that is coming soon. I just switched to the HM-11 as it is smaller. I have a Android app working with it using JSON over serial.

  • So is this what USB uses in the D-/D+ differential pairs?

  • Thanks, I have been considering that. But is there issues with flux evaporating? Even sealed containers can allow gases to seep through.

    I feel a little better since its lead free. Nice to see SFE finally has lead free stuff. Now I can get smaller quantities.

  • I should mention keeping it in a cool place in an insulated bag does okay as well. I do that since I don't want to power another refrigerator. The peltier small coolers don't work very well for cooling a plastic container.

  • Probably not a good idea to keep it in the same refrigerator as your food.

  • I am surprised it only take 20mA. Seems low to me, I thought it was more like an Amp. When I as younger I used to work at a Vacuum shop doing repairs. One evening I grabbed two test leads at the same time while they were powered. (The other guy didn't like the rubber boots). I ended up in the hospital. But no damage. It sure felt like a lot more than 20mA. It was 110V from one hand to the other. I couldn't let go till I was unpluged. I felt really good after until I almost passed out. The paramedic said she was surprised I didn't have burns and that the grease on my hands helped.

    I tell you hearing the sirens coming for you really makes you think. Be careful with power!

  • Or if you want just username put friedcircuits which is my Github username.

  • Sounds good! You can just put William from I am interested to how it improves ;). I am just getting back into the Rover5 and working on getting the BeagleBone with Arduino for the low level stuff working. I think I will be going the ROS route. Should be posting soon on

    Thanks Toni!

  • Hi,

    Early Last year I made a library for this controller. I just saw that SFE has it now and decided to post it. I posted it on Github so at least its a starting point. I am sure it can be improved but all the basic functions are there including encoders.

    For info on the encoders it uses the teensy library inside of this library.

    Check out and let me know what you think.

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