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  • I bought 2 of these to fix my old xbox 360 controller. They look good and feel fine, but they have problems: The one I have installed as my left stick randomly just does berserk and keeps on sending the same signal until I wiggle it around (example: in racing games, it doesnt matter if Im keeping a left or right turn, the car suddenly starts turning right ). The right one just needs a little, tiny, insignificant nudge in order to start sending signals all over the y axis (in NFS HP,for example, it switches between normal, centered, camera and rearview camera at 10-20 times per second. <br />
    <br />
    Soldering was correct and over-watched by an experienced person so thats not the problem.<br /> I truly regret buying them... but being a cheap ass I thought Ill spend less repairing it than buying a new controller. I was proven wrong because of crappy, low quality parts. <br />
    <br />
    Maybe I`ll think twice before buying parts from here.

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