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  • I read Chinese. This is traditional Chinese. Meant to be read from the top down, the one on the right comes first. It generally means very good business (right) and lots of profits (left).

  • I’m working on this accelerometer too and I’ve set it up following the datasheet, i.e. Vdd and GND to Arduino, SDO to GND, CS to Vdd, SCL and SDA to pins 5 and 4 and 4k7 pullup resistors to Vdd each. This means I2C mode with the alternate address.
    I’ve set this all up on a breadboard, checked everything 3 times but still have the thing stop at Wire.endTransmission() at different parts of the program. Sometimes it also stops at Wire.begin(). Sometimes it works though.
    I wrote something to print the return of Wire.endTransmission() if it wasn’t 0, but usually when it freezes nothing is printed.
    I’ve read the comments here but I fix it. I tried a few things, changing the resistance of the pullups, using a different part of the breadboard and reducing my code to just communicating over I2C. The problem still persists.
    Can anyone help? I’m most concerned about the freezing at Wire.endTransmission(). Thanks!

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