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Young Maker

Member Since: November 8, 2010

Country: United States



I started electronics at 8 in my room with a pile of plastic-enclosed snap circuits. Flash forward to a year and a half a go: I went to radioshack and discovered that real electronic parts did not come in giant plastic snap parts. Then it was only a matter of [short] time before Soldering, the 555 timer, the 4000 series Digital Logic Chips, PICAXE microcontollers, and then BASIC were under my helm. Now, I study Arduino and Many programming languages while I try to make an electronics living on $12/wk allowance.


HS Student


FRC Warbots team, Technology Student Association, and the School of Rock.

Spoken Languages

English. Pues, yo se hablo un poco espanol ,e un po l'italiano

Programming Languages

PICAXE BASIC, “Arduino C mashup” HTML, Javascript, PHP, MS Visual C++ (learning) java, SAX XML parsing


(in order) Snap circuits, Soldering, 555 Timer, Digital logic chips, Auto CAD 2008, PICAXE Microcontrollers, Desoldering (what a pain!), Transistor Logic, Trasistor-Transistor Logic, Eagle CAD(sort of), Audrino Microcontrollers, major computer repair, HTML, javascipt, PHP, Java


Electronics, of all kinds but mostly Programmable ICs. Programmming, 70’s Rock Drums, and Minecraft sandbox game