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  • I'm 4 years too late. But for what it's worth, I own a zeroplus. It works flawlessly with W7 64 bit, and it is extremely accurate. I have used it to diagnose thousands of signals for both work projects and personal projects. It helped along with the development of a cubesat, and more. Get it. The documentation is not too bad, the software is feature packed and easy to use.

  • Having used this one, I prefer this one, specifically the no clean version. I have tested it up to 900 MHz and up to 100v, it has no noticeable effects of capacitance or conductivity. It's great because you don't have to worry about corrosion from leftover flux under BGA or other surface mount chips. Any chance you could stock some?

  • Single-cell battery is an oxymoron. I usually just refer to them as lion secondary cells or just lion cells. Sorry for being a grammar nazi.

  • Sorry for being ~2 years late. I have done de-encap before for reverse engineering chips - it's not all that difficult, however depending on the method, and if you want a working chip after, it can be dangerous. A good page describing the processes is HERE

    Let me know if this helps! Good luck

  • Yes, that was a great feature. I could see how much room the thing would take on a board without having to read through the whole datasheet.

  • Few months ago, lost duemilanove to a lightning strike (power surge). Last week - Arduino Uno got dropped across the terminals of a high-voltage cap bank, which then discharged. Had to beat the melted remnants of the arduino off the bus bars with a hammer.

  • Yes, they will be driving around town looking for your transmitters, there is such a thing as the OO or official observer. basically he/she just scans up & down on the frequencies, looking for unregulated communications or license misuse. LOL good thing I have a license I got when I was 13 :]
    Seriously though, consider getting a technician's class license, it's easy, and opens up many possibilities (1500 watts xmit power MUAHAHAHA) contact your local ham club.

  • Man, I wish I knew that the 2650 had 4 serial's before I bought my new UNO. BTW, anyone know where to get just the Atmel ATmega2650 chip? I'm working on an embedded project, and my system would work nicely with a 2650 core.
    EDIT - I know I can buy them from atmel, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a retail shop (HINT HINT Sparkfun...) that sells them. Preferably with arduino bootloader on it. Anyone know if Atmel is friendly enough to send me 1 or 2 samples?

  • Which class is that for, and what college?

  • On a recent project, I had mine cooled to -85°C with LN2, had about 8 to 10 watts and it worked fine ;) Does that qualify as wacky cooling?