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  • Thanks, 197750. Not having to recycle your channels all the time makes a certain intuitive sense. 50 still seems a bit high, if there are only 35 vehicles in orbit, but maybe they're leaving a margin of comfort for future launches, etc..

  • It's not super-detailed, but check here: Also, do a search on "TinyGPS" if you want to do something other than just dump your NMEA into Google.

  • Probably a dumb question, but... if only 12-ish GPS satellites are visible above the horizon at any given time, why would 50 channels be any better than, say, 15?

  • Links to the datasheet and application notes seem to be 404...

  • A gentle request, please?

    Could the method of trying, whatever it turns out to be, be generally compatible with surfing the website, skimming datasheets, reading tutorials, and drinking in the wonder that is That would make it time well spent!

    I would be tempted to participate even if I had to just keep clicking a picture of the Michelin Man, but I'd rather not feel too much like a lab rat trained in how to get a piece of cheese...

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