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  • Does anyone have working arduino code to get the lora.h library to work on this board?

    It seems easier to have the lora.h library change the Bandwidth/ CR/ Spread Spectrum settings than it is with Radiohead library Additionally I have some of the 1w modules that use lora.h and I would like to have them all communicating

    I have tried a few things and I am the point I want to ask for help, not knowing if it could cause problems

  • Did you address the RFM95 using arduino Lora with

    LoRa.setPins(10, 9, 2); <-- changed to the appropriate pins for the sparkfun board. Also, are they in the order of CS RST INT ?

  • Question removed after research

  • Ahhhhh!!!! AWESOME! THANKS!!!

  • The frequency, gain and Wattage input requirements are well within the LORA 915mhz range- Can these antennas be used as a more directional antenna with the LORA Radios ?

  • Thanks for the detailed response

    One last question that I think would be of general interest, it appears this module and the RFM95 (part number SPX-14785) and this module both are based on SX1276 LoRa®

    Can they communicate with each other? SPX-14785 is based off of the "RadioHead" library --- I have tried a few times and can't get the r SPX-14785 to receive packets from the parkX SAMD21 Pro RF 1W *even at close distances

  • Can this module receive packet messages from the SparkX SAMD21 Pro RF 1W module?

    I know this item has less output power-- and can't reach back as far as the new 1W module. My set up would just be the 1W module as the 'base station' and sending out pack data to this less expensive module. I don't need to communicate back to the base station

    Can you 'mix' these two products ?

  • opps ignore the last item question -- directions where clearly given for SAMD21 set up :)

  • A few questions

    Is that a mico or mini USB?

    the "Battery Input Voltage" Disclaimer says to power around 5v.. Would a 3 AA pack (4.5v) be enough or best to use a 4 AA pack (6v)?

    In the example product code it has "#define LORA_DEFAULT_SPI_FREQUENCY 500000 " This is on the 915 mhz ? is the 500000 number just a random number and need replaced ?

    <edit: question added>: It appears there is a u.FL connector on the side with the USB connector and one on the actual chip mounted on the back-- What u.FL connector would have the best "RF energy output" ?

    Would you follow these instructions for setting up with Arduino (for board selection / when uploading the sketch )

  • Do you have any power consumption data to share? Id guess around 5ma or less powered by 5v

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