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  • Signal degradation shouldn't be an issue as long as their is only one device connected as otherwise they would compete for data, but this is not the case as it would work fine without a switch. But since this does have all the data lines together you could use this as a power injector from the A end say to an arduino and android device as long as you only have a 5v source on the a end and not connected on the data lines say to a computer.

  • I'm trying to get a stable 5v output from a 600mA 12V wall plug that also runs a small amp for a portable stereo I'm building eventually I will upgrade to a 2A supply what would you reccomend.

  • I told you no one wants to see you get milked by a robot no matter how it looks on sickie notes!

  • "I told you no one wants to see a robot milk you no mater how elaborate your sticky note concept is!"

  • I'm looking to use 8 of these for a wireless dmx controller. my question is are the sturdy enough to handle a lot of use as i will be using this when ever i am hanging lights from a genie lift.