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  • I'm having a problem with the treads coming off when I make it turn on the spot. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • In the gaming community, it's called "strafing". And the really cool show is probably the main thing it's used for.

  • All of the instructions that come with the retail version consist of a website with all the information you should need:

  • Quick question.. does anyone see anything wrong with using the 2A dual H-bridge to control all 4 motors?

  • In the description it says "4 independent servo motors" so I was expecting different connections too. Now I'm trying to decide what motor driver would work best with this or if I want to build my own.

  • So far, I've only done projects involving one servo. You can get by without this controller with one, probably two servos. Just give the servos power (the 5v source from the arduino works fine for one servo, not sure about two), a ground, and the Servo.h header file makes the rest pretty easy. If you're working with high torque servos that need to have a lot of power, you'll probably need this, though.. or maybe an external power supply as long as the servos and arduino on the same ground. Hope this helps!

  • The sheild here was retired because it was replaced by a newer version. I'm actually thinking about getting this, but was wondering if it now came with the newer sheild. Does anybody know?

  • This is sort of a late reply, but apparently people have had trouble using XBee Pros with the Fio because they draw more power than the Fio can supply, and people haven't found a way to easily give it its own power supply. Hope this helps!

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