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  • thanx but theres heaps of products listed under arduino..
    is the UNO the one to buy? sorry but im confused.
    after lots of reading am i safe to assume i need a uno board which will connect to my pc with a standard usb cable and i connect the led 3x3x3 cube to the arduino uno using the FTDI Cable 5V sku: DEV-09718 which is out of stock anyway so i cant purchase anything until it comes in..
    also it says something about right-angle breakaway this to connect the ftdi to the led cube? thanx again for the help.

  • i just saw this-- LinkM - USB to I2C, can i use this to program the led's?

  • will this work the other way, power from a hand crank (that uses a usb outlet) through the cable and out the barrel jack? sorrf for noob question

  • hi i havent built a kit for 20 years but stumbling across these awsome led cubes has made me want to build it. before i order the kit can you guys please tell me exactly what else i need to order to program it from my laptop? its a bit confusing to me but will that USB-TTL cable be enough and then i just download the software and thats it?? sorry for bein such a F*CKN NOOB

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