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  • So Im currently using one of these, connected to a USB solar charger that boasts 5volts / 2.1 amps. Im assuming I just need to power my circuit from the VCC + GND lines, but it doesn't seem to be getting much current at all. (300 milliamps @ 12V, after a step-up regulator, and power mosfet switch). I seem to get 600 ma at least when powering the circuit directly from a 5V power supply.

    Do I need any type of digital negotiation before a USB charger will release its full 2.1 AMP?


  • Its my understanding the data is buffered at least. It has it own refresh rates you can set. As Jimb0 stated, no text character support.

  • According to SSD1306 spec, there's a frame synchronization signal 'FR': (pad 51 out of 281)

    "FR O This pin outputs RAM write synchronization signal. Proper timing between MCU data writing and frame display timing can be achieved to prevent tearing effect. It should be kept NC if it is not used. Please refer to Section 8.4 for details usage. "

    I notice its not on this breakout board as a through hole, but is it at all physically accessible at all? Im looking to drive this display at high frame rates without tearing. Thanks.

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