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  • Maker's version of kiss and tell, Kiss and Atmel.

  • Altera has some other tutorial as well, found in their University Program section: http://www.altera.com/education/univ/unv-index.html

    The section on Embedded design allows you to download a pre-built SOC (system on a chip) to an FPGA and program in C/C++. You still need to learn C/C++ programming on your own, but this makes it easier to access the hardware on their development boards.

    If you want to program an FPGA using VHDL, Verilog, or schematic design, you really do have to learn digital logic first. It is hardware that you are creating and you have to explicitly know quite a bit more about the logic behind.

    This does pose an interesting challenge. It depends on what you want to accomplish with the FPGA. Do you want to learn how to build your own micro-controller? or do you want the underlying hardware libraries in place to interface with other sensors? If so, why use an FPGA?

    P.S. Thanks for posting the hamsterworks FPGA tutorials. Nice resource.

  • Hmm, the lilypads in the electronic pond have a much different flavor.

  • Will there be some tutorials on interfacing with this camera? My objective is capturing the live video with OpenCV to process the images. As I understand, the camera output is analog and I am wondering what I need to convert the analog feed to digital frames to be processed. Eventually I would like to mount this on a small robot.

    In brief, I am ready to purchase, but need to know what other components I need to purchase to power it correctly, capture the video feed as individual images for further processing.

  • Half an hour ago, I was clean shaven. With the new instant solder-on beard kit, I will look like the rugged outdoors man my girlfriend admires.

    Safety Notice: Due to the somewhat painful nature of attaching solder "hair" to the face, some clients experience the desire to bang their head against the wall to lessen the pain. A helmet and safety goggles are included to lessen the potential head injuries.

  • Owl be home for Christmas

  • What about all those folks who didn't win? How's going blind, proving the definition of insanity saying you worked for it? If it's truly random, you did not win because you worked for it.

  • You know how frustrating it is to have one of the captcha words be succeeded only to trick me into thinking I won. This really stinks!

  • Over 2 hours into free day for me and all I have is a headache. I'm quitting and going to another site to spend my money. This is no fun when you don't win. How about rewarding customers like REI does with money spent at sparkfun in the past year?

    Some of us cannot waste a day sitting at our computers. We have to show up for work. The capthca is way too frustrating!!

  • I am unsuccessfully trying to power the Olimex 40 pin AVR board with this adapter. The chip is an Atmega32. The adapter is not supplying enough power. Purchased several of these and have tried each cable individually with multiple usb ports on different computers (yes, different computer models and manufacturers).

    Has anyone successfully had these work with the Olimex 40 or 28 pin boards, 40 pin chip Atmega32, 28 pin chip Atmega 328?