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  • I have similar thoughts. Already have some version or another of everything in this kit but just have a strange primitive urge to buy that big box and unpack it anyway. Some how that big box stuffed full of goodies puts me back to six years old on Christmas morning. Sparkfun, just cover in Alf wrapping paper, slap a big foil bow on it, and see if you don't get a few orders.

  • You know the future is here when you mumble to yourself "I hope nobody breaks into my blanket at 3am and gives me a tan". Great project still.

  • I would call those the good old days of hardware programming but they were a bit tough. You had to get your PIC talking to your crystal oscillator, all your ports sorted out, pulled down, after debugging that for a day or so then it was finally time to program! At least that is what we called trying to creatively cram a your code onto as few lines as possible before the demo software loader told you to upgrade for a tidy $300.

    Arduino makes me feel as if the wind is blowing in my hair. Just start stabbing in wires and writing as much code as that thing will hold.

    My story with Sparkfun goes a good way back. I was dating this girl, while in college. Things didn't work out between us but while visiting her parents house one day I caught a glimpse into her dads home office. He worked for HP. One look at the lab desk he kept and I fell in love. It was kind of awkward. We had broken up so she would go into her room and hide while I hung out with her dad for hours on end learning electronics.

    He had all the best gear worth thousands so when I was back in the dorm room I started tearing apart old vcrs for parts and searching the web for whatever I could get for a few bucks. That's when I found Sparkfun selling olimex programmers on ebay and placed my first order. That must have been 03-04. I think there was business card in there with the old park fun logo on it.

    Been great to see the company grow and for so many to get into this amazing world of electrical creativity.

  • Those vegetables almost sang "God Save the Queen." Chance?

  • That's great! I read the story some time back, checked it once or twice and then filed it away in my "wonder whatever happened to ... " folder. Great end to a great project.

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