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  • No, just use some magnesium powder as a step up fuse. It'll ignite for less than 1200C and burn hotter than 2200C. 12V ingiter --> Magnesium (strip or powder) --> Thermite (--> House?!)

    Have fun!

  • That's not really saying much. Obviously, the signal is analog. But let's say that you fix the sensors to your biceps. You have ~0V with your arm relaxed and out stretched. If the voltage maxes out on less than the small amounts of flexing needed to simply bend your elbow, you have (for all intents and purposes) a 1 bit resolution. If you need to lift two pounds to achieve max voltage, that would give a completely different scenario.

  • What sort of "resolution" can we get from this?

    1 bit? Flexing/Not flexing? 2 bit? Full/Medium/Little/No flexing?

    Or to put it in other terms, will I be able to distinguish between crumpling paper and squeezing diamonds from choal with my fist?

  • Just thought I'd mention that the default FTP server has moved:

    Got to use

    "set ftp address" and "save"

    to use FTP update on the modules. Thought I'd post it here, so that others might not have to search like I did.

  • I'd be more than happy to take that bet... C'mon, a hardware geek that buys a laptop WITHOUT a serialport?!

  • When I apply 5v to this I get a "whine", but no spark. No spark no matter how close I put the electrodes.

    Any idea what might cause this?

  • Any clue as to when this will be back in stock?

  • Any idea when this will get back in stock?
    If it's not too long, I'll wait...


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Stuff needed for xDrip. You'd also need a HM10 or HM11...