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  • I own several of these boards, some genuine and some clones. I haven't managed to brick or fry one or break off a USB connector yet, they're pretty reliable (and I'm far from careful/delicate with them). The only problem I have with these boards is that PC7 (which is Leonardo digital pin 13 and Atmel mEDBG clock out pin) is not connected to anything. I'd like this board even more if that pin were at least broken out to a via or test point that I could easily solder to, since I do use one of these boards as a mEDBG based ISP programmer and debugWire doesn't always work without driving the target from the mEDBG clock.

  • I bought one of these on Amazon to use as part of an Arduino based NTP server. It's a great little board and I really love how easy it is to customize (including breaking out the serial I/O so I can use whichever pins I want), but there are a couple issues. First and most importantly, this should include a connector for an external antenna, I can get a good GPS lock indoors here but that isn't the case for everybody. Second, I was not able to get this to fit snugly onto an Arduino UNO, MEGA 2560 or the ethernet shield with the included stackable headers. What I did was insert them into another spare set of stackable headers I already had, then plugged that into the ethernet shield, it sits a little higher off the board than I'd like but it does fit securely.

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