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  • Why not pick a GPS module that has external antenna input with a uFL connector? Limits your application possibilities to just use the module's antenna.

  • I spent some time trying to get Nate's iFOB script to work for me. Found out there's some undocumented hardware stuff that needs to be taken care of to make it work... read the notes in the script.


  • Figured it out.

    2 undocumented features to work around:

    1. On the serial adapter there's a solder jumper in a tiny white square on the top side next to the NIKE receiver connector. De-solder this joint to allow the arduino to not conflict with the USB.
    2. TX goes to TX & RX goes to RX between the Arduino and the serial adapter.


  • Has anyone written a basic example arduino script to make this work they care to share? I've messed with the iFOB script to reduce it to just turn on an output when there's a footpod in range, with no luck. It just doesn't seem to get past the init_pod and start receiving. My footpod/receiver combo works fine with the VB script running direct (yes, I've put my footpod id from the VB into the iFOB code).

    For me, I have the Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 3.3V/8MHz powered off a 3.3V power source going to the Nike serial adapter. 3.3V & ground, then TX to RX & RX to TX. Simple enough. I'm using the FTDI Basic Breakout - 3.3V to program and get serial out for debugging.

    While I enjoy messing with this stuff as much as anyone else, there comes a point where I need to move on to the next level please! Anybody offer any assistance? If I figure it out before then, I'll post up my results.

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