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Nathan Williams

Member Since: November 12, 2010

Country: United States

  • "It seems kind of unfair that someone can just jump from C to Arduino without any knowledge of what they are actually working with."
    The same could be said for any abstraction layer.
    I think it is unfair that someone can just buy a small plastic chip for a few dollars without assembling every transistor by hand.
    They have no knowledge of how their chips actually work.
    Or how about how a compiler works, an assembler, a linker I can go on.
    There is no such thing as fair, you either solve your problem or you don't.
    The human race improves when we can do complex things without having to know every layer of functionality.
    If we all had to be experts at every layer, we would never have any complex technology.
    You would need to know the physics of transistors all the way up to how a compiler builds an abstract syntax tree before you were able to login to facebook (don't forget TCP/IP and all the layers that make up the stack).
    Not everyone has the same aspirations as you, not everyone gets the same joy out of knowing the entire system, they might instead enjoy solving a particular problem in their life.
    What is wrong with someone deciding to trade off absolute knowledge and control so they can instead focus on the problem they are trying to solve?

  • You have to remember that not everyone is the same as yourself.
    For example, I am a software engineer, a pretty good one I might add, but when it came to my hobby I wanted to solve the problem in front of me, not have to learn every aspect of microcontrollers.
    I have since done work with at ATTiny13, with a mix of ASM and C which worked well.
    The ardunio is what let me dip my toes in, and I tell you now, I still pull out my teensy board and code against the arduino libraries for speed and convenience.
    Not speed of code, but speed of development.
    My free time is limited and abstraction layers are what let us chat across the world via graphical web browsers.
    Sure I want to expand into FPGAs, but I have experience with standard imperative languages.
    If I had to use FPGAs & learn a new programming paradigm to play with my 8x8 LED matrix, I most likely would never have built it.
    People have different needs, just because you might not recognise or understand them, don't assume you know what others need.

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