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  • This particular feature struck a nerve with me, perhaps because it is so daft, yet was actually blasted out to the masses in the regular advertising email.

    With all hobbies, it is important to clearly understand what things you want to actually spend time doing versus things that you don't. Most people go through phases of "burn out" with their hobbies. Think of all the guys with half restored cars sitting in a garage stall for example. Usually this is because they have hit a part of the project they don't enjoy (or ran out of money)

    If your hobby is electronics, and your hobby is not other things like 3d printing, then you have to look at a project like this Moon and decide, do I find the electrical portion of the project interesting enough to spend my limited hobby time on it? If so, how much of my limited hobby time do I want to spend? The answers to these questions will dictate how you go about it.

    With regards to price, the reality is very few people understand what the real total cost is to make something. The reality is no one wants to pay for anything. People are cheap, cheap, narcissistic, self absorbed consumption monsters that expect to have every whim delivered on a silver platter with no effort expended on their part. This sounds harsh, but I think anyone that has had a go at selling to the general public would agree.

    The thing that baffles me though, is the "makers" are worse about this than the general public. The "makers" should absolutely understand better than anyone what the real cost is to do these things, and yet you put up comments about being able to turn a profit on these at $10 a pop. It is ludicrous, and it highlights the fact that people have no concept of the value of their time. This kind of stuff "poisons the well" for everybody else out there that is having a go at making money selling stuff like this. Someone, somewhere is googling moon lamps, and they will eventually find this article, and see these comments, and conclude the whole thing is a rip off and not buy it. Maybe that person would have loved it, maybe the person they gifted it to would have realized a bit about what it was and it would have sparked their interest in the "making" hobby, maybe it would have burned their house down. Either way, someone would have learned something, which is the whole point of this hobby.

    Sarcasm and humor don't translate well to little text boxes. Please read this with a smile and not a scowl, that might help.

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