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  • Looking forward to the day when this is available in Canada again because I am usually unsuccessful in ordering this.

  • Update on the Digital Sandbox I received. I could not see anything obviously wrong with same so I downloaded the software and plugged it in to my computer. Obviously there is some kind of major short circuit involved as the DS and the USB cable got warm so that item is on the back burner until I can figure out what is going on. Update on the RedBoard. When I plug it into the computer, the RX led blinks and that's all. The software says cannot sync the board. When I push the reset button, the blue pin 13 led blinks twice. Upon closer inspection, the board is missing the ON led and a 3 lead item near the RX led. I will comment when I make more progess.

  • I ordered 2 of these when they were in stock last month and I received a Red Board (with a poorly soldered barrel jack) and a Digital Sandbox V1. When I have some free time in about a month's time, I'll investigate what is wrong with them and see if they will work or not.

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