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  • Is it just me, or does the life of 1000 hrs at 30% capacitance change and the storage of 1000 hrs at 30% capacitance change seem like a very short amount of time?

  • Beware... my set of ties came with a box that would not latch closed. There was all kinds of messed up flash on the latch parts. Looked really funky like the mold didn't close all the way or something.

  • Cool... now lets get an inexpensive mirror galvanometer around here to have some real fun!

  • Seconded that the DIP version would be great.

  • I'd love to see SparkFun characterize their heatsinks and heatsink/fan combos by providing a thermal resistance value for each of them. That would really help people who are trying to come up with designs that you can just get right the first time without too much experimentation.

  • YES.
    When I first saw the SparkFun retail packages on this website, I immediately checked Fry's since I have bought their electronic components before. Their selection is just BEGGING for sparkfun to step in and bring their mixture of fun and the details you need on electronic components. I bet they would love to have a partnership with sparkfun.

  • Any idea why this will not switch off when I remove the 5V (even ground the positive side) when controlling a 150 watt compact fluorescent light?

  • This looks great. I read through a bunch of the documentation that is available for this, but I'm wondering:
    1. What is the risk of this software becoming unsupported? Sounds like only one guy knows the SUMP code.
    2. Can you do complex triggering like triggering on a specific byte or similar?

  • They show it next to the datasheet. Part# LXM3-PW61, it is the 3500K color temp version.

  • Seriously guys... I am having a hell of a time trying to get the pads to wet with the solder. I have a 40W iron and it's a no-go

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